New Zealand's leading Ammonia Safety provider 

"We believe in the right to a safe & healthy place of work, this is truly the core of who we are & our primary objective to achieve for our customers & their workers. We also believe in a natural & sustainable future for Aotearoa - which is why we take great pleasure in providing knowledge & inspiration to develop positive attitudes toward Health, Safety & environmental culture. We succeed by being adaptable to site specific requirements & through the continuous advancement of our own resources  & solutions that we offer to exceptionally manage Anhydrous Ammonia."

Gauge Refrigeration Management Ltd  offer a wide range of services which will add value to the overall safety of your facility, improve business continuity through reliability of your assets - both your people & equipment. 


  • Hazardous Operatability studies
  • Bowties control process failure analysis
  • Standard operating procedure development 
  • P&ID Review 
  • Emergency Response document development 
  • Emergency scenario design 
  • Emergency Response "Stress testing" 
  • Operational Safety & Compliance Surveys 
  • ​Energy optimisation 
  • Independent Refrigeration Diagnostics 
  • ​Commissioning 
  • Ammonia analysis Condition monitoring 
  • Preferential Maintenance 
  • Pre-employment screening 
  • Apprentice mentoring 

Maintenance & asset management 

Having over 20 years experience in servicing Industrial & Marine refrigeration, we have been exposed to a multitude of Ammonia systems all over the world, regularly in high pressure situations. We believe that Safety and Maintenance go hand in hand. whether you require the development of a management dossier or simply wish for us to provide an independent review of your facilities operational status, we are here to help you. 


It is no surprise to business owners,  taking your top technicians off the road to train, manage & assess the apprentices evidence requirements is a costly exercise.
It is also no surprise that kinetic personalities are not meticulous with their paperwork.
Gauge Refrigeration Management Ltd are passionate teachers whom can deliver training solutions that are safe, technically astute & match unit standard criteria which can result in final assessment approval of the trainee.

We can then formulate & manage the evidence gathering process which will provide your young technician with techniques of filling documentation efficiently.

Pre-employment screening 

Regardless of the quality of the CV and the success of the interview process, judging someone in a very short space of time can be difficult & for the applicant a stressful time.

Gauge can provide assessment of a refrigeration technician at any stage but in the aid of ensuring you make the right call, for your own piece of mind why not save the guessing game & know they can perform as well as they say they can in a detailed & structured pre-employment assessment.

Contractor network 

We have a large network of some of New Zealand’s finest independent service technicians.
There are less than two Ammonia Technicians in every hundred thousand people so we personally know there special skill sets & abilities because we have worked together at some stage in our careers therefore we will only direct you to the right technician.

They are passionate about what they do not only because they have a vested interest in there buisness but they actually care about the quality of their workmanship & enjoy the technology of the trade.

If you have any refrigeration task no matter how big or small we are content in providing you with their details.

24/7 service activities are not the niche of Gauge Refrigeration Ltd, we are however happy to meet your needs of maintenance & asset management  as well as any diagnostics that may require an independent review.
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