Our mission is to assist PCBU in meeting their process and people safety objectives through; gap analysis against the legislative framework, the development of various administrative resources and training your people with our world-class bespoke Refrigeration safety courses

Paddy and Kim Durham launched Gauge Refrigeration Management Limited in 2016 to deliver practical process safety guidance and hands-on industry training to New Zealand and International PCBU.

We are genuinely an independent industrial refrigeration company that offers a unique set of services; impartial, unbiased ammonia safety reporting without commercial influence – technical writing of safe work procedures – emergency planning resources, and bespoke Natural refrigerant courses.

Our carefully selected team are trade-qualified technical engineers with many years of practical industrial work exposure and have an established history of high-performance Ammonia process and people safety solutions, thus ensuring our clients receive the best possible advice, services, and quality guarantees.

Padraic (Paddy) Durham M.RPGNZ M.IIAR

Paddy is the founder and director of Gauge Refrigeration Management and has 25 years’ experience Installing, servicing and maintaining Ammonia Refrigeration systems throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands both on and off-shore. A competent well-travelled technical engineer that never stops learning!

Aside from Paddy’s decades of practical application and technical ability, his interests and expertise lies with process safety and presenting it in a fun, simple and digestible language to a diverse range of audiences.

With his foundation of knowledge and the vast range of documented resources he has developed, Paddy is able to resolve your complex issues with technical writing expeditiously and can deliver the best possible learning outcomes for your people.

Gauge Refrigeration Management Ltd is committed to total customer satisfaction and aims to provide a high level of risk management expertise that helps ensure our clients fulfil their duties under the local legislative framework.

Every client receives a personal, efficient and friendly service in conjunction with a reliable, time-efficient, and expert consultation. 

Our services assist in mitigating; “so far as is reasonably practicable” the health and safety risks associated with operating and controlling ammonia refrigeration plant; by providing a proficient technical safety resource that safeguards ammonia refrigeration hazards and non-compliance.

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