Ammonia Awareness

Presented through stimulating visual media, encouraged participation & thought provoking first hand accounts of over twenty years Ammonia emergency experience’s. This course is sure to add value to your staff’s comprehension of Hazardous Substances.

Awareness two hour

Course Overview:

This introduction is aimed at administration staff and contractors with little involvement with the Ammonia plant but need to know what goes on behind the doors of that noisy room and what actions are required of them in an emergency as well as how to educate others about Ammonia hazards and benefits.

  • Properties & behaviours of Ammonia in our atmosphere
  • Risk management
  • Emergency actions
  • First aid

Who is this for ?

  • Admin Staff
  • Sub contractors
  • Cleaners
  • Receptionists

Awareness Full Day

Course Overview:

Whether having had experience with Ammonia or not, this module will provide all learners with the knowledge required to understand the fundamentals of Ammonia hazards, risk controls, safe working practices and emergency response actions.

  • Properties & behaviours of Ammonia in our atmosphere
  • Risk management
  • Basic Refrigeration principles
  • Respiratory Equipment instruction & activity
  • Decontamination & First aid requirements
  • Evacuation actions
  • Emergency response desktop simulation
  • Comprehension test & Certificate of attendance

Who is this for ?

  • All levels of site management
  • Administration
  • Engineering & Maintenance
  • Sub Contractors
  • Refrigeration technicians
  • Emergency Responder