This course provides the knowledge foundations to manage risk when working with flammable refrigerants.

Hazardous atmospheres must be anticipated during the lifecycle of refrigeration systems charged with flammable refrigerants; therefore, design, installation and maintenance must only be completed by workers with proven knowledge, skills and experience.

People credited with this course are able to demonstrate knowledge of the following topics related to flammable refrigerants:

-Legislation, standards and codes.
-Charge limitations.
-Safe work procedures.
-Emergency and first aid procedures.

This course delivers the outcomes for NZQA Unit Standard 29563v2 – Demonstrate knowledge of flammable refrigerants used in refrigeration and air conditioning industries. Level 2 | Credits: 2

The summative assessment for NZQA Unit Standard 29563v2 has been pre-moderated by Competenz; however, at this time, Gauge Refrigeration Management Ltd does not have consent to assess the unit standard and lodge credits on behalf of a candidate. If and when consent is received, we will contact you and provide you with the necessary paperwork to issue the unit standard for your record of learning. Additional fees may be required.