Gauge Refrigeration Management Ltd offer a wide range of services which will add value to the overall safety of your facility, improve business continuity through reliability of your assets – both your people & equipment.

Hazardous ID /Operability studies/Bowties
With the technology of today, we can attend your board room as an SME at a moments notice.

Standard operating / Safe Work Procedure development 
Technical writing is our specialty – we proudly develop bespoke white label standard operating procedures for your business.  

P&ID Review  
Industrial Refrigeration systems are complex beasts, and It is unlikely that the process drawings are perfect upon the first issue. Nevertheless, we strangely enjoy hunting valve identification numbers…

Emergency Response document development 
Our World-class ERP templates are standardised and completely scalable to suit your business. 

Consequence analysis
To develop incident-specific Emergency Response capabilities, we must understand the risk to the site and the community by utilising plume modelling software and analysis of local receptors. 

Emergency Response Scenario testing 
When was the last time you stress-tested your emergency response planning to evaluate its deficiencies? We have a library full of carefully crafted scenarios. 

Energy optimisation 
In this world, efficiency is king; we have saved our customers thousands through some very rudimentary parameter changes. 

Independent Refrigeration Diagnostics 
We pride ourselves in our “johnny on the spot ethos” through this; we are available to assist in any complex diagnosis of your industrial plant. 

Asset management design
Through decades of experience, we have established proven maintenance methods that sustain performance and increase the longevity of your critical assets. 

Pre-employment screening 
Deciding to hire someone after a single interview is not without risk; we help with that process by testing and reporting on the applicant’s abilities.

Apprentice mentoring
Training our next generation to be technically astute is imperative; we regularly work with apprentices to guide them on their journey. 

Expert witness 
We are not involved in the supply or service of capital plant; therefore, one of the very few businesses that can supply an independent Subject Matter Expert.

Hand over consultant
We provide an assurance that your sizable investment has been installed to the design specification and is compliant with national standards

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